Friday, May 11, 2018

Mission Statement

Milestone Academy Preschool approaches to promote the growth of the whole child in all areas of development. It provides each child with stimulating opportunities that make learning fun, and guides their every step as they explore their unique educational paths.

We are providing a developmental program that follows a strong academic curriculum within a warm and supportive environment in order for children to grow to their highest potential.

Developmentally appropriate Curriculum

We feature Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Language, Physical Development.

Children will learn Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Names and Arts/Crafts.

The classroom offers many areas for children to build up their self-care and self-confidence.


We believe that children learn through playing and based upon mutual respect and belief in the child. The aim of playing and the educational approach promotes the natural curiosity and delight in discovery that is present in all children.

Circle Time

Project Time


Indoors Play

outdoors play